Handmade hunting knives for true knife lovers

Handmade hunting knives made for knife lovers. They are made of stainless steel and thus easy to maintain, have a long service life and the blade is rarely blunt. The knives are of top quality and satisfy all the needs of the average hunter. An engraving and a leather case can be ordered with each knife.

What are the steels on offer?

For those who do not want to pay a lot for a knife, there is N690 steel that will satisfy all customer needs. And for those for whom quality is more important than price, there are two third-generation Uddeholm super powder steels on offer: Elmax pm and M390 pm. Damasteel RWL 34 powder steel is also available. If thermal and cryogenic treatments are done well, these metal alloys become super steels, gaining durability and quality. The sharpness of such knives lasts a long time, guaranteeing that the work will not be interrupted due to their poor sharpness.

Handle materials

The handles are made of natural and artificial materials. Exotic wood and mammoth tooth are used as natural materials, while synthetic materials are used as artificial ones. The main advantage of these materials is that the remains do not stay on the knife, providing easy maintenance. Maintaining these materials is easy. Just wipe them with a damp cloth after use.

Are handmade knives unique?

Handmade knives are unique and cannot be made identically. The whole manufacturing process is done manually, without the use of metalworking machines. From polishing, through assembling the handle, engraving, all the way to sharpening, the knife is not subject to any machining. Precisely because of such a laborious manufacturing process, hand-made knives are much more expensive than those made on CNC machines.

The choice of knife depends on its purpose. If you’re not sure what kind of hunting knife you want, take a look at some of my work. If that didn’t help you either, you can contact me to decide together which knife is right for you.

Lovački noževi N690

Hunting knife N690

The hunting knife made of steel bohler N690 is suitable for anglers. Below the knife patient, there is a luminous segment made of phosphorus in order to make it easier to find the knife in places with poor visibility.


Elmax hunting knife

Twin hunting knives made of world-famous Elmax steel. The knives are ground in full flat geometry, which gives them superior performance in processing game. The handle of the knife is made of exotic wood ABONOS.

Lovački noževi

Classic hunting knife M390

A classic hunting knife intended for processing game and is also suitable for fishermen. Made of world-renowned M390 steel in full flat profile. The handle of the knife is made of exotic wood AIRON WOOD.


Hunting knife RWL 34

Another quality knife made of DAMASTEEL steel. This hunting knife is very similar in appearance and characteristics to the DAMASTEEL knife.


Twin hunting knives

The purpose of these knives is for skinning large game and processing meat. The steel used to make these knives comes from DAMMSTEEL. The handles are made of fossil mammoth tooth, giraffe bone and homemade walnut


Hunting knife integral

An exclusive edition of a hunting knife made for collectors and passionate hunting enthusiasts. The knife is made in integral form from BOHLER steel marked N690, and a stabilized mammoth tooth was used for the knife handle.


DAMASTEEL hunting knife

DAMASTEEL RWL 34 steel was used to make the knife. The knives are of top quality and this is confirmed by the handle made of exotic Turkish walnut.


A hunting knife with a mammoth tooth

Knives made in full tang construction have higher strength than hiden tang knives. The handle is made of stabilized mammoth tooth fossil. The steel for making this knife is from the company DAMASTEEL marked RWL 34.


Hunting knife N690

A phenomenal knife made of exotic wood ABONOS intended for hunting lovers as well as for skinning and processing game.


Hunting knife ABONOS

Handmade hunting knife intended for processing game. BOHLER N690 steel was used in the production of the knife, while the exotic ABONOS wood was used for the handle.