Synthetic materials in the manufacture of handles for hunting knives

What are the properties of the material?

Synthetic materials are used in many industries, as well as in knife making, especially when it comes to handmade hunting knives. Unlike natural materials, these materials do not change their properties in contact with moisture or other weather conditions (they do not bend, do not absorb odors, have higher strength and are subject to the HASAP system in catering),


Sintetički materijali
Sintetički materijal Micarta


Micarta is a durable and strong material for making handles for hunting or kitchen knives. It is made of layers of different materials held by plastic resin.

Sintetički materijal C-tak


C-Tek Resin infused material for making from aluminum honeycombs. This knife-making material is exceptional in its appearance and ability to reflect light and gives a whole new depth to the art of knife-making.

Sintetički materijal Hybride


Stabilized fibers are inserted into a special resin. The resin is polished to a high layer and is wonderfully different from wood, creating a hybrid material in every sense of the word. The blocks are super durable and will not move or receive moisture.

Sintetički materijal Acrylic


Interesting effects can be achieved by using acrylic as a material for making knife handles.
The color of the handle material can be further emphasized by using the Vulcanfiber or G-10 liner. Great effects can be achieved when grinding. Acrylics are especially welcome in the kitchen knife sector because they are insensitive to moisture.


Juma is a high-quality, modern raw material for the production of components and works of art. Juma consists of a mixture of different mineral base materials in combination with a resin component.

Sintetički materijal Juma


Due to its favorable characteristics, the material has primary use in aviation, space industry, automotive industry, shipbuilding, biomedicine, etc. It is also used to make knife handles to reduce the weight of the knife itself, as well as a material that has excellent mechanical properties and its beauty.

Sintetički materijal Carbon-Fiber


Excellent mechanical properties in terms of drilling, milling and polishing. Minimal water absorption, resistant to cleaning agents, oil and acids.

Sintetički materijal Elforyn