Exotic wood handles and wood stabilization

What is tree stabilization?

Exotic wood handles are based on the process of wood stabilization. Wood stabilization is a process that is done in vacuum chambers that enable the creation of unique materials with high technical and aesthetic characteristics.

Oxygen is extracted from the wood and a liquid based on epoxy resin is inserted, which enters deep into the pores of the wood, which after a specific time is baked in an oven at a certain temperature.

After that, the wood becomes stronger, does not absorb odors and is subject to the hasap standard. By adding paint to the stabilizing liquid, the color of the wood can be changed. Each tree reacts differently to the color and different colored surfaces are obtained.

The process of wood stabilization ensures its preservation. This process aims to preserve the decorative and ester properties of wood, giving it strength and hardness.

Wood stabilization is the filling of wood cavities with materials that can harden or polymerize. If the process is approached with full responsibility, incredibly hard wood can be obtained.


  • Density and hardness increase
  • Improves resistance to temperature and humidity
  • Reducing the sensitivity of the tree to the effects of ultraviolet radiation
  • Magnificent decorative qualities
  • Wood is much easier and easier to process.


Egzotično drvo
Desert Ironwood egzotično drvo

Desert Ironwood

Desert Ironwood wood has extremely hard and heavy wood, which is naturally dried over a long period of time. It is one of the heaviest and densest trees known to man. It is so dense that it does not float. It is appreciated for its beauty, rarity and durability.

Eboni egzotično drvo


Exotic wood that is extremely hard, thick and heavy with a very fine texture. Wood is hard to work with but is great for carving wood, as well as inserts, tool and knife handles, instrument keys.

Purpleheart egzotično drvo


He got the purple color by exposing the wood to the air. This hard and heavy wood is quite difficult to dry in the air. The wood turns easily, sticks and is well applied. It is resistant to fungi, termites and preservatives.


Snakewood is an exotic tree that comes from a rare tree. After exposure to air, it changes its deep red color to reddish brown. The wood is difficult to cut and drill. The good thing is that the snake tree rotates well and polishes well.

Snakewood egzotično drvo

Turkish Walnut

Turkish walnut is the color of dark chocolate and is widely used to store firearms. Of course, there is a good reason for that, because it is hard and durable, and these properties make it ideal for making knives by hand.

Turkish Walnut egzotično drvo


Padauk is a very solid, stable hardwood. It is known for its usually robust red-brown color. Wood is considered to be very durable and resistant to insects.

Padauk egzotično drvo
Some of the samples of exotic wood